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For all Germans learners: A1 - C2
Optimized for learning over gamifacation


Practice by swiping

Recall around 100 words in 15 minutes.

Context is king!

A lot of words don't have 1:1 translations. Learn from sentences!

See word's explanation

Learn more about word's meaning with AI and Wiktionary.

Quickly skip ahead

Don't waste time with words below you level!

Vocabulary extractor

Magically create practice decks from your favourite texts.

YouTube integration

Learn vocabulary from your favourite YouTubers.

Built-in browser

Expand your vocabulary by reading German news and other websites.

Keep track of the words you know

Conjugations, declensions, trennbare verben... Everything is taken care of for you! 💪

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Is it free?

You can use the basic features for free and buy premium to unlock the rest.

What languages are supported?

You can learn only German, but you can use English, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Spanish or French as the secondary language.

Planned features

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